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Start the endless journey and save the world from chaos by fighting against the Lord of Disaster!

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Heroic Expedition: Into the Divine Realm

Heroic Expedition is the new promising mobile game by DHGames, which is a unique mix of rogue-like, city builder, and RPG game style.

Players can build up their own team of five from hundreds of heroes to create outstanding strategies for RPG-style battles.

Defeat the Lord of Disaster and save the world!

Heroic Expedition Quick Review

DHGames’ Heroic Expedition has just been officially released on both mobiles and PC on 9th April, 2021. This is the brand-now outstanding Norse-inspired idle RPG mobile games that is introduced as a unique mix version of rogue-like, RPG, and city-building game.

The initial goal is to rule the PvE world by doing a series of battles in the Campaign.

First, you need to create your own team of five from a huge list of hundreds of Hero Expedition heroes. There are 5 hero factions in total and each one has its signature heroes, own pros and cons.

While progressing in the game, you will receive a lot of items that help strengthen and evolve the heroes to unlock the more powerful skills and abilities.

There are literally a ton of options for you to build up your own dream teams, showing how broad the diversity of the game is.

But don’t forget that this is an “idle” or “AFK” game, which means that the main objective of the game is to give you passive rewards when you are not playing the game. Thus, you just want to progress as far as you can in the campaign and then you can just go idle, do your normal daily activities while gaining the valuable rewards passively.

Find a Tribe, which is also called Guild, Alliance or Clan, where you can meet other players to build up a strong force that helps you progress in the game even more easier while also earning a lot of rewards from the Tribe activities.

If you are a more advanced player, you can also compete with other players in various PvP game modes and earn the top spots on the leaderboards!

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Game Features

  • Explore the Norse Fantasy world of Divine Realm! Defeat the Lord of Disaster and save the world!
  • Get the rewards when you are offline: This is the main point of the game! We are living in a busy world, so gaining rewards when you are online is always a great thing! Upgrade your heroes and strengthen your teams using the free loots after a working day!
  • There are hundreds of well-designed 3D heroes from 5 factions for you to build up your teams.
  • Show the world your best strategies and build up your dream teams.
  • Build up the city structures to unlock new game content. Adjust the building position to make it even more appealing!
  • Compete against other players from worldwide to become the best one in the Arena!
  • Join a guild to make friends and fight guild bosses to obtain a lot of rewards.
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