Heroic Expedition Redemption Codes

In order to help everyone has a better start, this is the complete list of all working Heroic Expedition Redemption Codes that can be redeemed right away in the game to get various valuable rewards.

All Heroic Expedition Redemption Codes

  • 58pKNQ4Hh – 500 Gems
  • HAPPYMAY – 1 Advanced Summon Stone + 200 Gems
  • HE777 – 30 Summon Stones
  • HENEW – 10 Summon Stones (Expired).
  • NEWSTART – 10 Summon Stones (Expired)

Heroic Expedition Redemption Codes

How to Generate Free Gift Codes?

Right now, the game is offering free gifts for all players who join the Discord of Heroic Expedition.

Simply follow the steps below to get the gifts for free in just 1 minute:

  1. Go to Events menu in-game.
  2. Go to the final tab – Follower Gift.
  3. Press Copy & Go
    redeem free giftcodes
  4. You now should be redirected to the official Discord server of the game. After joining, you will receive a message from a Bot called Usher Charlie.
  5. Send her the code you copied from step #3.
    generate free giftcodes
  6. She will send you the gift via the Mailbox in-game. Simply open it to get the rewards!

free gift codes afk arena

How to redeem Heroic Expedition Codes?

  1. Log into the game.
  2. Open Settings menu.
  3. Choose Rede. Code button.
  4. Enter the codes from the list above.
  5. Press Confirm.
  6. Open your Mailbox for the gifts.

Or you can take a look at the screenshots below for a better explanation:

redeem heroic expedition redemption codes

How should I use these Gift Codes?

The quick answer is that you want to have a better start than other players. And who doesn’t like free rewards?

Since Heroic Expedition is an RPG-style video game, although it has some other styles of gameplay being mixed, the hero pool always plays a huge part in determining the power of your account.

The more heroes you have, the better chance your teams are. Moreover, that if you have multiple copies of the same heroes, you can upgrade it and have a huge start ahead of other players!

A lot of players, especially free-to-play players, usually gather all of the freebies at once and test their luck whenever a new server is open, and if they are lucky enough to pull out the top-tier heroes, they will use that one account to compete with other players easier.

If you are lucky and grab the redeem codes at a right time, you can earn up to 100 pulls right at the beginning of the new server, and if you are lucky, you can unlock a lot of powerful heroes.

However, we do not recommend using this strategy as it could take a lot of time to pull out top-tier heroes.

And if you do it once, you always look forward to the better a better pulling chance, and you will never stop pulling whenever there is a new server coming out.

This way, you will never enjoy the game 100%.

Don’t think too much about any RNG factor. It is what it is, just play and enjoy!

That being said, I recommend redeeming the Heroic Expedition Codes on this page to strengthen your accounts and enjoy the game more! But you can make the most of them according to your needs!

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