Illusionary Dreamland

Complete guide to Illusionary Dreamland in Heroic Expedition, helping you solve all of the quizzes inside these maps with ease and grab a lot of valuable rewards!

Illusionary Dreamland

Heroic Expedition Illusionary Dreamland

1. In Illusionary Dreamland, each map can be explored independently.

2. To unlock the next map, you need to meet requirements on the exploration progress of both the previous map and the Adventure main stages.

3. Only heroes of level 30 and above can explore the maps in Illusionary Dreamland.

4. You can experience the storyline for multiple times by resetting the maps and their progress, however, the rewards that you have already obtained on the map will not be repeatedly obtained after the reset.

5. You can only explore one map at the same time. If you want to explore other maps, all the progress of the current map will be reset.

Illusionary Dreamland Screenshot 1 Illusionary Dreamland Screenshot 2

Illusionary Dreamland Maps

  1. Molten Cavern
  2. Sea of Danger
  3. Forest of Life
  4. Wasteland of Dark
  5. Sanctuary of Light
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