Minas Ruins

Discover the Minas Ruins in Heroic Expedition, get into the new floors, and get a lof of valuable rewards from this interesting event!

minas ruins Heroic Expedition

Minas Ruins

1. There are a number of levels in the Minas Ruins. The ruins are reset every day, and you can always start from the highest level that you have cleared.

2. There are mysterious events hidden under the stones of the dungeon. Tap the stones to trigger the events. Up to three triggered events can exist at the same time.

3. After each battle, the HP and energy of your heroes will be saved, and the fallen heroes can no longer participate in battle before they are revived.

Minas Ruins Events

Below are the eevents that may be triggered when you tap on the stone tiles in the Minas Ruins!

  1. Battle: you can choose whether to attack or not. If you choose to attack, you will enter the challenge. If you don’t attack or the challenge fails, this event will remain until the challenge succeeds or you enter the next floor.
  2. Altar: you can choose whether to use the altar or not. You can use the altar to revive a random fallen hero. If there are no fallen heroes, use it to restore the HP of the hero with the lowest HP by 100%. If you don’t use the altar, it will remain until it is used or you enter the next floor.
  3. Spring Water: use spring water to restore all heroes’ HP by 50%. If it isn’t used, the spring water will remain until it is used or you enter the next floor.
  4. Store: you can spend currencies to buy items in the Store, and the Store will disappear after you buy items or give up buying.
  5. Treasure Chest: tap the Treasure Chest to obtain rewards.
  6. Buff: it takes effect directly after you tap the stones. Buff only takes effect in the current floor, and the same buff can be stacked.
  7. Trap: it takes effect directly after you tap a stone, and there are certain special events triggered by the trap.
  8. Quiz Rule: Answer correctly will get you various rewards, including the opportunity to challenge the Boss directly. Answer wrong will get your buffs deducted as punishment.
  9. Portal: after killing a boss, the Portal will appear. You can tap the Portal to enter the next floor.

minas ruins questions

Minas Ruins Quesions & Answers

Below is the complete list of all questions and answers you could face in Minas Ruins! I have collected them all to help you finish the event much faster and easier!

Questions Answers
How many tiers of continuous rewards in Login Gift? 30
How many chests you can earn daily from Daily Tasks? 5
In the Package feature, how many times can you claim Daily Package per week? 7
How many kinds of altars are available to build in Construction? 3
In Expedition, how many types of Cheese are there? 2
What determines the order of heroes’ actions in battle? Speed
What are the features of Michelle? All of the above
How long does a season of [Fighter Token] last? 1 month
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