Tribe (Guild): Hunting & Mystic Exploration

Join with other players and together create a strong Tribe (or Alliance, Guide) in Heroic Expedition to access lots of exclusive Tribe activities such as Hunting and Mystic Exploration!

Heroic Expedition tribe buildings


  • The initial level of a tribe is Lv.1.
  • Tribe members can increase tribe EXP and level by signing in every day.
  • The number of times that EXP can be increased by signing in every day will not exceed the tribe’s max number of members, and if the number signing in exceeds the max number of members, the tribe EXP will not be increased.
  • The initial max tribe member number is 15. Increasing the tribe level can increase the max number of members and Deputy Chiefs.
  • A tribe can have up to 30 members in total.

Tribe Hunting

1. You can activate varied inscriptions on the Runestone to obtain different powerful attributes.

2. Some inscriptions require specific linkage sequences to activate.

3. Rune Shards are the material of inscription activation and some rare inscriptions require Spirit Stones to activate.

4. You can spend Diamonds to reset the Runestone, while all consumed materials will be returned to you.

5. Once a tribe boss has been defeated, a new boss of a higher level will instantly appear with greater rewards.

6. If players fail to defeat the tribe boss, the boss’s level will decrease on the next day, but the rewards will become fewer as well.

tribe hunting boss

Hunting Boss Information

great treant

Great Treant

  • Normal Attack: Deals DMG equal to 75% of ATK to front-row enemies, with a 50% chance to Poison the targets for 3 rounds, dealing 50% poison damage per roud.
  • Active Skill: Deals DMG equal to 217% of ATK to front-row enemies, with a 36% chance to Entangle the targets for 2 rounds. This chance is increased to 50% against Poisoned enemies.
  • Passive Skills:
    • At the end of each round, Great Treant gains shield equal to 30% of ATK. At the start of each round, if Great Treant is shielded, gains 30% DMG reflection for 2 rounds.
    • Becomes frienzied at the beginning of round 15: Basic attacks and skills will deal massive damage to all enemies.
    • Increases 25% DMG against Light heroes, while decreases 25% DMG against Dark heroes.


Heroic Expedition Tribe Mystic Exploration

Tribe Mystic Exploration

1. Players who have joined a tribe can participate in the event Mystic Exploration after it starts. If you have participated in the Mystic Exploration, you can’t participate in it in other tribes within 1 hour after leaving the tribe.

2. Each player has five challenge attempts each day, and the attempts will be deducted whether the challenge fails and succeeds.

3. Each level has to be passed by tribe members working together. Each pass will unlock a new level and increase certain adventure points. Common Level: 10 points for each pass; Elite Level: 30 points for each pass; Boss Level: 60 points for each pass.

4. There is a certain chance of triggering Adventure Treasure. Tap the treasure to obtain item rewards. When you open the Adventure Treasure, whether you tap the treasure or not, the adjacent slots on the four sides of the treasure will open automatically. Each player can get the chest up to 3 times a day.

5. During the settlement for a single battle, rewards are divided into guarantee rewards and level progress rewards. Each battle will be ended with a guaranteed reward. Every time the level progress reaches 25%, the level treasure chest will be directly obtained in the battle settlement.

Heroic Expedition Tribe Mystic Exploration Rewards

6. Mystic Exploration opens for 7 days at a time. At the end of the season, the ranking will be based on the total points after the dungeon is opened. The higher the tribe’s ranking, the richer the rewards will be. The rewards will be sent via mail.

7. Some levels have a level bonus, which will take effect on heroes of the designated faction.

8. Some levels will have a special combat mechanism with rules that act on monsters or heroes.

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